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Solar is an easy and affordable way to support renewable energy and combat climate change


Sign up for a free subscription for your share of the clean energy produced by a local Maryland solar farm. It will supply the solar energy to your utility provider, who will deliver it directly to you.


Save at least 10% off your utility bill. Or 25% if you are a qualified LMI (Low and Middle Income) customer.



Community-distributed generation (CDG), also known as shared solar, are local solar facilities shared by multiple community subscribers who receive credit on their electricity bills for their share of the power produced.

Community Solar allows access to clean energy for anyone who pays an electric bill. Since no panels are installed on your roof, you can use solar to power your home whether you own or rent a home or live in a single or multiple unit building. Backed by Maryland’s energy program, you can share clean locally generated electricity with your neighbors.

Sign up for a free subscription to connect your utility account to one of Nautilus Solar’s local solar farms through our partner, Common Energy. Your current utility company will still deliver your electricity, but the electricity will be clean energy.


There is no cost or fees to choose solar! Everyone is guaranteed to save 10%. You won’t notice any difference. Instead of paying your normal monthly utility bill, you will pay a lower monthly amount to our partner Common Energy. All you need to sign up for this discount is your utility account number and a method of payment. It's that simple!


Nautilus Solar MD Solar Farms

Powering Maryland homes with local clean energy from Maryland
community solarHagerstown, Md
# Customers: 642
Utility: Potomac Edison
community solarHancock, Md
# Customers: 612
Utility: Potomac Edison
community solarElkton, Md
# of Customers: 320
Utility: DP&L
community solarMarriottsville, Md
# of Customers: 511
Utility: BG&E
community solarReisterstown, Md
# of Customers: 509
Utility: BG&E Website
community solarReisterstown, Md
# of Customers: 612
Utility: BG&E
community solarWhite Marsh, Md
# of Customers: 409
Utility: BG&E
community solarWest Friendship, Md
# of Customers: 582
Utility: BG&E
community solarBowie, Md
# of Customers: 642
Utility: BG&E
community solarFort Washington, Md
# of Customers: 1,320
Utility: PEPCO


Learn more about Community Solar and its Benefits


Read about Nautilus Solar MD’s largest 100% subscribed community solar project in Fort Washington


Andrea LueckePresident and Executive Director, The Solar Foundation

Community solar is a revolutionary way to lower our carbon footprint by sourcing electricity from solar. It’s a great solution both for renters, and for homeowners like me who have too much shading or inadequate space to install panels on our own rooftops. I am so proud to be a subscriber of the Panorama Landfill project.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the environmental benefits of Solar?
  • Solar is one of the cleanest forms of renewable energy
  • Switching to solar reduces your carbon footprint
  • Helps fight climate change
  • Reduces the presence of harmful air pollutants
  • Solar energy contributes to a cleaner healthier community
What are the benefits of Community Solar?
  • It’s guaranteed to save you 10% of your monthly utility bill
  • Gives access to everyone, regardless if they own or rent their home
  • No roof top installations required!
  • It’s clean energy that helps save the environment
  • It’s locally generated electricity, and benefits your local community
  • It’s free to sign up! And you can cancel at any time for no cost!
What does it cost to sign up?
It is totally free to sign up!
What happens if I want to cancel?
You can cancel at any time with no cancellation fees
Do you have to sign a yearly contract?
No! You can cancel at any time with no penalties
How will I pay for my electricity?
Instead of receiving a bill from your utility company, you will receive a bill from our partner Common Energy. It will show the amount of electricity you used minus your discount. (Common Energy will pay your utility company for you).
What if the sun doesn’t shine for a while? Will I still get electricity?
The solar panels on the farms generate electricity in direct and indirect light. So even when it’s cloudy, you’ll receive your power.


Nautilus Solar is a full-service solar solutions provider with over 14 years of experience in the solar industry. It is Maryland’s largest owner and operator of community solar power projects offering thousands of Marylanders access to clean, renewable energy. With more than twelve projects across five counties, the energy generated represents more than 32.8 MW of total capacity, enough energy to power 6000 homes.

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Sign up through our partner, Common Energy, to support clean energy and start saving money on your monthly utility bill now! Just have your utility account and method of payment ready.

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